Public Campaign


Dear Friends,
This is a grassroots public campaign to solicit government action on the Truth & Reconciliation Commission’s recommendations for redressing the damage caused to the Aboriginal community by government sanctioned Residential Schools.
A social movement is the ideal starting point for political change; unlike corporations or special interest groups that use their financial resources to lobby the government, the public solicits change by coming together in solidarity to exert their political will on the government.  The government is in a state of inertia in regards to reconciliation, however, political will can be the impetus for federal action. 
A public campaign to support Call to Action 21, will be established through the #ReconciliationNOW! website, which will facilitate social media (Facebook, Twitter etc.) activism, the Personal Ribbon Campaign and petition. We invite you to comment on ways that the other 93 Calls to Action can be implemented.
This public campaign for reconciliation supports the spirit of reconciliation by having the broader Canadian population show public support for Aboriginal peoples.
A political opportunity for federal support now exists due to the pledge of Canada’s premiers to implement the TRC’s 94 recommendations and their criticism of the federal government’s failure to act.

We need YOUR help!

 To help in the fight for reconciliation, you can…...


  • Use #ReconciliationNOW! in your tweets! Sample Tweet:

Harper gov. must implement TRC Calls to Action! Visit  Support Canada’s Aboriginal communities!



RALLY                                                                                                                                                                                   reconciliationrally 


  • Add a virtual ribbon to your Facebook or Twitter profile picture!

SIGN THE CHANGE.ORG PETITION                                                                                                                                         



For added impact, please @(direct) your tweets to people and organizations with various spheres of influence!

Influential Canadians

@Drake (Aubrey ‘Drake’ Graham: Musician, 25.1M followers)

@EllenPage (Ellen Page: Actress, 1.3M followers)

@WBrettWilson (Brett Wilson: Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, 137K followers)

@LaineyGossip (Elaine Lui: Blogger, Television Personality 86.6k followers)

@Pam_Palmater (Pam Palmater: First Nations Activist, 18.7K followers)

Influential Politicians

@PMHarper (Stephen Harper: PM, 866K followers)

@JustinTrudeau (Justin Trudeau: Liberal Party Leader, 712K followers)

@ElizabethMay (Elizabeth May: Green Party Leader, 168K, followers)

@ThomasMulcair (Thomas Mulcair: NDP Leader, 156K followers)

@RonaAmbrose (Rona Ambrose:  Canada’s Health Minister, 15.5K followers)


Influential Organizations

@CCPA (Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives: 18.K followers)

@OFLabour (OFL Union:  6.9K followers)

@CFSFCEE  (Canadian Federation of Students, 4K followers)

Influential Media

@globeandmail (The Globe and Mail: 936K followers)

@TorontoStar (The Toronto Star: 479K followers)

@nationalpost (The National Post: 422K followers)

@CPAC_TV (CPAC: 51.2K followers)

@Rabbleca ( 33.K followers)

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